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About the mindmap

The mindmap supports municipalities in exploring problems that can occur due to heat in built-up areas and in preparing for a risk dialogue on heat. In total, the mindmap shows 24 consequences of extreme heat, divided into five themes: health, networks, water, liveability and outdoor space. Each problem is explained in clear text, describing how base maps according to a Dutch standardized stress test make the problem visible and what additional information can be used. Each text concludes with possible measures and actions to prevent or mitigate the problem The mindmap might not be complete for some situations and other important heat problems might occur at specific locations and situations. It is important to consider this when using the mindmap. Moreover, the consequences shown cannot all be solved with spatial adaptation. Care for our fellow human beings and adjustments to buildings may be necessary or more effective.

How to use

Use this mindmap to explore the consequences heat can have in built-up areas. Click on the five themes (branching lines) or the consequences (icons) to find more information. For each consequence, there is a factsheet. In the factsheet, you can indicate whether you want to include the topic now or maybe later. Your choice will be visible in the mindmap so that you get an overview of what you consider important and can use in a risk dialogue.

The mindmap and factsheets were developed by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) in collaboration with TNO, a Dutch independent not-for-profit research organisation.

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