Social nuisance

Explanation of the problem

During hot days, city residents seek relief in outdoor spaces both during the day and in the evening. People sit in their gardens, on their balconies, in parks, green areas, along or on the water, and on hospitality terraces. This often leads to increased social cohesion and interaction, but in some cases, it also results in more noise, aggressive behaviour, odour nuisance (due to barbecues), and increased litter. The police receive more complaints as a result.

Information and maps for better understanding

Basic maps according to the standardized stress test


Additional maps

  • Map showing the number of summer or tropical days now and in the future (Climate Impact Atlas) → provides insight into the number of days when the likelihood of social nuisance may be higher.
  • Map of attractive cool spots → provides insight into where the pressure on outdoor spaces may increase during hot days and the likelihood of social nuisance.

Some measures and guidelines

  • Impose a local smoking and/or burning ban.
  • Designate areas where barbecuing is allowed (and until what time).
  • Temporarily place toilets and trash bins in areas where many people stay during hot days and evenings.
  • Increase management and maintenance to keep outdoor spaces in popular areas clean and pleasant.