In a liveable city, it is pleasant and comfortable to live, work and recreate. Heat affects comfort on the streets and inside buildings. Therefore, heat also influences outdoor and indoor productivity. People take more short breaks during hot days, find it harder to concentrate, and make more mistakes. Additionally, high temperatures lead to an increase in absenteeism. During a heatwave, absenteeism can be 4 to 7.5 percent higher than normal.

Many people, even those not working, experience ‘heat-related discomfort’ during hot days. Their well-being and functioning deteriorate. This is particularly true for vulnerable groups, such as (home-dwelling) elderly, people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and those on long-term medication. Many of them tend to drink too little and too late. If their homes become too warm, they are less able to seek cooling in another place.

The mind map further elaborates on six consequences of heat on liveability: